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The Orthopaedics department at EBME excels in supporting the dynamic field of orthopedic care. We handle over 250 types of orthopedic devices, achieving a 96% equipment reliability rate, crucial for complex orthopedic surgeries.


Our team has been instrumental in setting up and maintaining 80 modular orthopedic facilities, designed for high efficiency and patient comfort. This year alone, we have carried out 4,000 equipment maintenance procedures, ensuring that all devices meet the stringent standards required for orthopedic care.


Our proactive approach has reduced equipment-related delays in surgeries by 25%. We are also committed to advancing orthopedic care through education, having facilitated 60 workshops for NHS staff, focusing on the latest surgical techniques and recovery protocols. Our efforts have been recognized with the Orthopedic Service Excellence Award for two consecutive years.

We'd love to hear from you and see how we can help.

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